Where teachers go for inspiration and materials!


Non Profit Corporation-

  • Eco Treasures became a Non Profit Corporation- June 25,2015
  • Employer Identification Number: 47-4925399
  • Eco Treasures received notification of Public Charity Status 509(a)(2) and exemption under​ the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) on January 21, 2016.

​​Board of Directors- 

President-Michelle Ventimiglia
Treasurer-Carrie Reed
Secretary-Anne Vollmer
Board Member-Mary Lopez
Board Member-Susan Glamuzina

Michelle Ventimiglia-Co Director
Carrie Reed-Co Director

Our History-

The founders of Eco Treasures, Michelle Ventimiglia M.A. and Carrie Reed M.A. are both Early Childhood instructors at Pierce College and have each run their own preschool businesses for 15 years in the San Fernando Valley.   

They were inspired to develop Eco Treasures, a charitable service, based on their knowledge of the positive impact it would have in the field of education and on their sense of responsibility as stewards of the environment.

As Early Childhood Educators they understood the incredible value of hands on learning in all domains of development and learning, especially in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM).   Michelle and Carrie wanted to help other educators by providing materials that are varied and beneficial for children's learning while being affordable for teachers. Eco Treasures was created to seek out and procure materials from manufacturing companies, retail stores and industrial sites that would normally be disposed of in a landfill.  

Eco Treasures was also envisioned as a place for teachers to come and feel inspired.  Teachers can participate in professional development and learn ways to use various materials and more as they provide maximum learning experiences for the children they serve. Children will benefit by having an abundance of affordable materials through which to discover, manipulate and learn.  A chance for these cast off materials to become a valuable Treasure!