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Los Angeles County Office of Education- Transitional Kindergarten Conference

Participants attending the conference included early childhood professionals, Transitional Kindergarten teachers and school district administrators. We presented a workshop entitled Building in the 21st Century- Connecting Art with Math, Science and Engineering. We provided opportunities to discuss ways of introducing the engineering design process to children. Participants used the process to create sketches and important buildings in a community.

Making connections, developing relationships and providing learning opportunities in the community at various events is an important part of Eco Treasures. Some of these fun events are documented below...

Los Angeles Valley College Child Development Department- Early Childhood Education Conference 

Eco Treasures presented a workshop for  college students and early childhood professionals on how to introduce the engineering design process to children and how to use loose parts to promote knowledge in connecting art, science, math and engineering with children. We also had a lively discussion about how this type of activity promotes development across many domains.

Community Involvement

College of the Canyons Annual Play Day

Hosted by College of the Canyons Center for Early Childhood Education and the Southern California Valley Association for the Education of Young Children (SCVAEYC).

A block play with loose parts experience was set up for children and families of all ages. Young children had the opportunity to explore the materials and create structures. We observed that older school-age children used the materials to create games and more complex structures. The families had the opportunity to observe their children engage in problem solving , deal with cause and effect, convey knowledge through creative expression and collaborate with others.

20th Annual Annabelle Godwin Family Play Day

Hosted by The Child Care Resource Center at Woodley Park

Eco Treasures set up a booth for children and families to explore building with various wood blocks, planks, wood scraps and found materials. The children used their imaginations in many different ways. Some of the families asked about the unique materials and others asked about the concept of reuse. We enjoyed talking with families about creative reuse and the impact it has on the environment.