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Add some spice to language and literacy development... Props and puppets are the key ingredient!

Participants in this workshop will learn about the importance of encouraging developmentally appropriate language and literacy experiences with young children. We will discuss ways to promote active listening, engagement, and participation among teachers and children.

During the workshop participants will use materials from our Eco Treasures marketplace to create puppets and props for their classrooms.

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Building in the 21st Century- Connecting Art with Math, Science and Engineering

Can we really expect 4 year old children  to problem solve, plan, design, deal with cause and effect, convey knowledge through creative expression, share ideas and concepts all while collaborating with others? Yes, we can if we provide children with what they need to succeed…time, space, materials and support.

Participants in this workshop will problem solve and use their creativity and innovation to construct a building and landscape which will promote knowledge in connecting art, science, math and engineering with the children in their classroom. The steps used in this activity can be a springboard for applying these same connections in all sorts of other projects with children. Participants will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of reusable materials from our marketplace. We will discuss how children of different ages and abilities can be successful. The experience culminates with an opportunity to reflect on the process and a discussion about how children might development and learn in each domain.  

Creative Art

What is creative art? How is it different from a craft project? Why is creative art better than “cookie- cutter art?”  We will discuss these topics and others during this educator workshop. We will begin with what we know about development. One principle is that young children learn best when given opportunities to use real life materials to manipulate and explore. Children should be given the opportunity to explore the uses and properties of a variety of expressive media and if they choose, create something that is meaningful or beautiful to them.

Participants in this workshop will take part in a creative art experience using a variety of expressive media such as reusable materials, ribbon, clay, wood or items found in nature.


Loose Parts for Learning

Loose parts are defined as "alluring, beautiful found objects and materials that children can move, manipulate, control, and change while they play" (Oxfordshire Play Association, 2014). They are open-ended materials that promote higher levels of creative thinking.  Loose parts can be used as props or the centerpiece of many different kinds of activities. They can be added to learning centers such as the block area, dramatic play, art center, math center, or the manipulatives area.  When loose parts are used outdoors, a whole new realm of learning skills can be developed.

Participants in this workshop will learn about the incredible value of loose parts to enhance learning. We will manipulate, role play, observe and discuss the impact of loose parts in the learning environment. Each workshop participant will choose materials from our Eco Treasures Marketplace to create a loose parts starter kit to take back to their classroom.


"Pumpkins, Bats, and Bones, Oh My!"- Children's Creative Art Workshop

Fall is a wonderful time of year to notice and explore leaves, seeds, sticks/twigs and rocks. These items and many others will be available for children to manipulate and creatively use as they choose in this fun workshop.  Some may choose to create a piece of art to take home while others may just enjoy the experience of being surrounded by nature items in this beautiful art center. There may even be a few surprises for children who love to explore excavating bones... Children must bring an adult to share in their experience.

*As a special bonus, each child attending the workshop will choose a small pumpkin to decorate and take home.


Block Play with Loose Parts

This is an open play time for your child to experience the joy and wonder of block play.  Eco Treasures materials will be added to embellish and enrich the play experience.  Children of all ages will be able to create and recreate structures, games and playscapes as their imaginations soar in this 2 hour playtime.  Parents and teachers are encouraged to join in and discover the value this play holds for children! Our Eco Treasures Marketplace will be open for you to purchase materials to take home. 


Holiday Workshop- Children’s Creative Art   

Promoting creativity in our children is important to promote their problem solving skills which serves the critical thinking process they need to succeed intellectually.  Children of all ages are invited to come to this workshop and create using materials from our Eco Treasures Marketplace of loose parts.  Children may want to take this opportunity to create holiday gifts to give to family and friends. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

"I made it myself!"  Family Gifts Created by Children for Families

the Eco Treasures Way

As educators we often find ourselves in a position in which we need to help children provide holiday or special gifts (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day etc.) for their families. Those gifts should be made by the children themselves. The materials we choose and experiences we offer should also promote creativity in children. It's wonderful to see gifts that represent the child's own unique creative ideas.

At this workshop, adults will see and experience an assortment of ideas that can be created by children with Eco Treasures materials. Explore candle making, dream catchers made of natural materials, tile mosaics, paper making, and other ideas for you to take back to your classrooms. Spring holidays are coming and this is a wonderful way to use  surplus materials for these special projects or gifts.​​​

Props and Puppets Language and Literacy Educator Workshop